November 06, 2014
Curl up and Dye at Rosebank Theatre

Curl Up & Dye, a satirical comedy by UCT alumni Sue Pam-Grant, opens at The Rosebank Theatre tonight. Christopher Weare directs this 1989 South African classic with a young cast making their professional debut.

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Pam-Grant highlights both the popular and political cultures of the time. The play shines light on the grey areas of Johannesburg which remained untouched by apartheid where black, white and coloured people lived together. Set in Hillbrow the action focuses on South Africans’ strains and sensitivities during the last few years of apartheid. The year 1989, a tumultuous time of violence, danger and uncertainty affecting everyone, heralded great change on the horizon; the play chronicles the life of Rolene, the main hairdresser in the salon, who is struggling with white fear and an abusive husband. Other prominent characters include Mrs Dubois, a long- standing patron of the salon seeking relief from her hum drum existence; Miriam the cleaner who is underpaid and forced to do humiliating advertising campaigns; Charmaine the drug- addicted prostitute who uses the salon to run away from her destructive life; and Dudu, the well-educated nurse with aspirations, who gets caught up in the political issues present in the salon.   It’s intense, humorous, and relevant to every South African.


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From left to right: Shonisani Masutha, Fran Michel, Nicole Fortuin, Leigh Bishop (Costume Design), Chris Weare (Director), Sive Gubangxa  and Maggie Gericke.


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