February 25, 2010
Howzit China

I was scouring antique stores this week for a styling job and came across China Town. For those that have ever been to Kalk Bay, you might remember it as an old favourite along the main street. Growing up, it was always a favourite shop to pop into and look at the array of patterns and shapes of old tea-sets (I think it’s a girl thing, inspired by Alice in Wonderland and all of our tea parties).

China Town has now moved a block up from the Main Rd, but is definitely worth a visit! They have SO much more stock, it is an explosion of pattern and it is beautifully displayed from floor to ceiling in room upon room upon room. I stopped counting, there are at least 8 rooms! 8 rooms people… of tea-cups!! Unfortunately,  I was looking for a vase.

Nevertheless, I am totally excited by visual stimuli and usually the more the better. I was obviously in too much of a rush as I scanned the walls and soon had to step outside due to sensory overload!

I wish I’d had a wider lens on me, I wasn’t able to give you an accurate sense of the place with only half a wall at a time.

I loved the bathroom, heavenly!!

And lastly, you can’t have a tea party without tea pots!  I love the double-spouted one, perfect for the Mad Hatter, the dragon that pours tea rather than fire and the denim encrusted pot and cup, so awful it has to be considered for the hilarity.


Wonderful Jess. But never seen anything uglier than that denim tea-pot! Maybe with time it will take on nostalgia of some kind….

Hysterical Jess! You’re such a great writer – keep on ‘remarking’ 😉