July 09, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                The theatre has been Jesse Kramer’s second home since she was a child. This collection of theatre performance portraits showcases the young photographer’s gift of capturing the magic of live performance. A colourful  and dynamic mix of performance styles from opera to stand-up comedy in all of Cape Town’s  well-known theatres gives the audience insight into the sacred, unpredictable moments on stage which draw people to the theatre.

Kramer has made an impressive mark on the theatre scene, having worked with the likes of Athol Fugard and Sir Antony Sher,  shooting Sher’s portrait for the poster image of Broken Glass at The Fugard Theatre and  Vaudeville Theatre on the West End last year.

The photographs are all in limited editions of 20 with signed archival prints available to purchase.

The exhibition can be viewed at 6 Spin Street Restaurant, Monday to Friday between 10am & 10pm, and on Saturdays between 5pm & 10pm until the end of July 2012.

6 Spin Street Restaurant is situated on the ground floor of a beautiful Sir Herbert Baker building facing Church Square in central Cape Town.

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